极速彩票APPkindergarten幼稚园 elementary education初等教育

secondary education中等教育 higher education高等职业教育

adult education成人继续教育 open admission免试入学制

day-care center幼稚园(美) nursery school幼儿园

primary/elementary school中小学(英/美)

secondary school初中 coeducation男生和女生同校规章制度

junior high school初级中学 senior high school普通高中

attached middle school附中 technical school技工学校

polytechnic institute理工大学/科技大学 key school重点高中

graduate school研究生院 open university夜大、函大

private school民办学校 public school民办中学

universal education普及教育 educationist/educator教育学家

postgraduate硕士研究生 alumnus/alumna同学(男/女)

undergraduate大学本科 Alma Mater他的母校

auditor=guest student旁听生

boarder住宿生 open-book exam放卷机考

pop test抽考 orientation program新生训练

teaching facilities教学设备 assistantship奖学金

scholarship学业奖学金 room and board吃住

auditorium会堂 vice-monitor副班长

period of schooling学习年限 credit system学分制

mark/score/grade成绩 schedule=school timetable课程安排

individual study自修 individual coaching=tutorial个别指导

English evening英文晚会节目 after-school activities课余活动

social investigation社会调研 voluntary labor义务劳动

graduation appraisal大学毕业评定

graduation ceremony=commencement毕业晚会

diploma=graduation certificate毕业证

drop out退学 quit school休学

school discipline校纪 attendance/participation出勤率

attend a lecture授课 miss a class缺课


你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

发表于 2019-08-26



Complaint Letter


complain against sb。 about sth。举报。。。。。。

dissatisfaction with未满于......

put up with / bear / tolerate承受

awful 槽糕的

poor service槽糕的服务项目


out of one’s expectation令别人大失所望

look into / go into / investigate调研

incident / matter 恶性事件

极速彩票APPsanitary situation卫生状况

极速彩票APPbad manners 没礼貌


nuisance 烦心事

remedy 挽救




1) I am writing to you to complain about ...

2) I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with。。。

3) There are some problems with the flat that I wish to bring to attention. For one thing, there is…For another,...

4) I can hardly bear /tolerate /put up with it any more。

5) I hope that the authorities concerned will consider my suggestions and improve the situation as best as they can。

6)I sincerely hope that it will review its management system, with the view to providing, better service to the public.

7) We trust that you will now consider this matter seriously and make an effort to prevent the recurrence of this kind。

8) We will appreciate your willingness to make up for the loss.


发表于 2019-08-26

雅思口语考试Part 1构思分析

雅思口语考试Part One构思分析:Jewelry 珠宝饰品


极速彩票APPWhat’s your attitude toward jewelry?


I think jewelry is good for us, especially for making our appearance better. But, I don’t buy that jewelry is a good investment to make more money. 注解:buy sth并不是用什么 不是认可…见解的含意

What’s kind of jewelry you like to buy?


Well, I’m a man(还可以说成girl) who don’t care much about jewelry。 So, only if someone is having a birthday celebration, will I buy some jewelry like Jade, which is beautiful to my taste。


Why do so many people choose to buy expensive jewelry to maintain value?


The reason why they choose to buy jewelry that is way more expensive than those ordinary ones is that they think the rarer the better, then, one day, if their cash becomes less valuable, the jewelry can help them out。

How often do you wear jewelry?


I seldom wear jewelry. The only one time I wore a jewelry was actually when I was in my sister-in-law’s wedding ceremony. I felt quite good/on top of the world when I had a precious greenish jade ring on my finger.

极速彩票APP我基本上不戴珠宝饰品的,我还记得我惟一多次戴饰品的状况是在报名参加表妹的婚礼现场,我戴了哪个碧绿碧绿翡翠玉石戒子💍觉得人都高端大气了许多 或许评委牢牢地只问某些珠宝饰品的难题??NO NO NO, 他还将会规定你》》》 Describe your favorite piece of clothing (叙述你最爱穿的衣服裤子) 还记得一块儿训练.


发表于 2019-08-26
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