雅思口语考试新题part2范文:雅思考试part2英语口语题型——关键课程。有关课程的题型雅思口语考试之前也考通过许多个.例如趣味的课程,有效的课程,喜爱的课程这些.这次的新题关键课程能够 说成这种之前有关课程的话题讨论的拓宽.无论形容词变为何,人们能够参照之前题型的解题构思.


Describe a subject you didn’t think it’s important before, but now it’s very important

极速彩票APPYou should say:

极速彩票APPwhat subject it was

when you studied the subject

why you didn't think it important before

What do you think of it now


Accounting is the subject that I find very interesting these days though I did not like it when I had to study it at my university level。 I have finished my graduation in Computer Science major and we had Accounting part 1 and part 2 in our second year; 5th and 6th semesters。 Thought Accounting was an important subject for us, I had very little interest in it。 This was possibly because of my misconception that it is only important for Commerce and Business Studies students。 I studied accounting subject only to pass my course and also missed few classes。 Thus I failed to enter into the interesting world of accounting and that’s why disliked this subject。


Science had always been major and I was never introduced to the accounting subject in my pre-university level. The teacher who took our accounting classes did not introduce us to the basic concept of accounting. Moreover, he went through chapters so quickly that I missed it completely. As a result, when the teacher explained the advanced concepts of accounting, I was completely lost. For all these reasons I was weak in accounting and this formed the disliking in me until the very recent time.


Well, the reason I like accounting these days is quite interesting. After I started working as a Software Engineer in a multinational company, I worked on various projects. A year ago I was assigned to a project that required me to develop an accounting software for an Australian company. Ironically I had to study many accounting books and tutorials to understand how I should implement the concepts and calculation in this software. I also attended few training sessions organised by our office related to accounting and banking concepts. Once I understood the basic and interesting part of this subject, I actually started enjoying it a lot. The project took around 8 months to be delivered to the client and I was kind of forced to study and discuss a lot of accounting concepts during this period. Once I started understanding the fundamental concepts and its application in the real world, this subject became one of my favourite subjects.


I did not have the idea that Health and Hygiene would be the most irritating subject to me in my earlier days。 I got familiar with the subject when I was promoted to my ninth grade in a local school here in Oregon。 I did not like it because of many restrictions and bindings。 In fact, it did not allow me to move after my will。 But now the ideas have changed and I know how important it is to follow the rules and regulations。 So, now this is a favourite subject of mine and I follow its directives in my life。


Learning a foreign language (such as French) was highly difficult to me. I was introduced to this subject when I crossed my seventh grade in a reputed school here in Spain. I could not like the subject because it appeared difficult. The pronunciation, the spelling and the tones appeared irritating to me, and often I was punished for not writing the spellings correctly. But the necessity of a second language is highly important and I feel that I made a great mistake by ignoring the French language learning course in school. A second language helps to communicate better and raises the chances of success. So, I admire the subject now.


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你和雅思的故事 - Go Hard or Go Home

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温馨提示: 学生要尽量减少记诵套句或模版的传统式口语练习方式, 并学习培训英语口语优秀作文中语句的配搭和美国英国群众的思维模式,更重视语句和思维逻辑2个方面.另一个,要从罚分题的视角去往,看一下出色的作文范文怎样从罚分题的视角下手英语口语话题讨论.


Simon 给大伙儿产生的书面话题讨论是: 这件暗蓝色的智能防水运动外套,适合美国的连阴雨气侯.你愿意1组少年儿童的多雨地域?


I bought the coat last year at the beginning of autumn when the weather started to get colder. It was easy to buy because I had had the exact same coat before; my old coat was starting to look a bit worn out, so I decided to buy a new version. As I knew which size I needed, I simply went online and found the best offer; I bought it through a shopping website, and it was delivered to my house a few days later.


I bought the coat last year at the beginning of autumn when the weather started to get colder. 这话的時间广告词条文的应用是大自然顺畅的.看上去非常简单,可是在考试场上圆满表述并不易.


native speaker Mary 大伙儿的话题讨论是: 这款合适旅游的健身运动速干衬衣,简易舒服,喜爱健身运动的同学们必定会喜爱这个衬衣。


I bought the shirt online ahead of travelling to South East Asia。 It was just coming out of winter in the UK, but I 'd be going to a hot climate。 I wanted something lightweight and comfortable to take with me。 It was the wrong time of year to be browsing shops in England, they were all still full of winter clothes, so I just had to trust the description on the site that this would be a good buy, but I was nervous in case it did not fit or was not practical。 I should not have worried。


It was the wrong time of year to be browsing shops in England, they were all still full of winter clothes, so I just had to trust the description on the site that this would be a good buy, but I was nervous in case it did not fit or was not practical。 经典故事表述考题学生英语口语表述的时态和逻辑性工作能力。你能挑戰自身,效仿这一小表情。7 分并不是难题。


外国人 Jean 产生的原创设计女模特文本是有关牛仔衬衣的.牛仔服饰由于休闲娱乐时尚潮流,价格低,很受年青人的热烈欢迎.薛教师觉得说大伙儿的响声 Jean.


Jeans are common clothing items and are available around the world and mostly popular among the youths who are of my age. I wear jeans pant and shirt always even when I attend in any formal occasion. The most important benefit of wearing jeans clothing is that they do not become dirty as easily as the other types of clothes do. Moreover, you can have the pant and shirt of all size and shape and are sold at a reasonable price. They are found in different colors and attractive designs too. It makes the look smarter in some cases than the formal attires.


Jeans are common clothing items and are available around the world and mostly popular among the youths who are of my age。 这话表述了交通出行,信息内容丰富多彩。牛仔服饰的2个关键特性是 common 和 be available,,备受年青人的钟爱。

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雅思口语考试part 1话题讨论:Photos (相片),无论你也是喜爱绘画還是拍摄,有关颜色这一话题讨论都不会难,或许你必须某些汉堡加盟项目及高分数表述作輔助

Colours (new)

极速彩票APPWhat's your favorite colour?

Do you like dark colours?

Are there any colors you dislike?

Do you usually wear clothes in your favourite colour?

What's your favorite colour?


My favourite colour is blue, it is the colour of depth and stability. Blue symbolises wisdom, confidence and intelligence. And I don’t like the pink because it is too girly.我最爱的色调是深蓝色,这是深度1和可靠性的色调.深蓝色象征智慧型、信心和智慧型.讨厌粉红色,由于它太娘娘腔了.

极速彩票APP2. Are there any colours you dislike (Why?)

极速彩票APPI suppose so。 You know, different colour conveys different meaning to people。 Red represents passion and enthusiasm while green means energetic。 So I always choose the suitable colours for things。我想要是那样。你了解,不一样的色调会给人转达不一样的含意。红色代表热情和激情,而翠绿色则代表精力旺盛。因此我一直为事情挑选适合的色调。

3. Are colours important to you?

Well, yes, I have several clothes in blue, which can bring calm and tranquil feelings to me. I believe that blue is always fashionable in men’s outfit.嗯,是的,是我几个深蓝色的衣服裤子,能够 帮我产生宁静和宁静的觉得.相信深蓝色在女装中一直很时兴的.

4。 Were colours important to you when you were a child?

If I were to choose between the two, I’ll probably go with dark because I believe dark represents stability and wisdom, for example I always choose the dark outfit in my office to highlight my profession, whereas light suits juvenile better.假如在彼此之间作出挑选,我或许会挑选黑喑,由于相信黑喑意味着着平稳和智慧型,比如,我一直挑选公司办公室里的深棕色衣服裤子来突显我的岗位,而浅灰色则更合适青少年儿童.


Bright colors光亮的色调

Vivid– bright栩栩如生的,光亮的

Fluorescent / neon– glowingly bright莹光/氖——十分光亮

A shock of color– a piece or large part of something featuring a bright color这种色调的冲击性——这件或绝大多数的色调全是光亮的色调.

Light colors光的色调

Dim / dull / drab– boring; not bright黯淡/枯燥/有界——无趣;不光辉的

Dingy– a little dirty looking污浊——看上去有点儿脏

Opaque– not transparent (like a curtain or window)不全透明——不全透明(如窗帘布或窗子)

极速彩票APPMatte– not bright亚光,而并不是聪慧

Dark colors黑喑的色调

Somber / funereal– dark and depressing抑郁/忧伤——黑喑和压抑感

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