free gift雅思口语是怎样的?

free gift雅思口语是怎样的?


又来和大伙儿共享最新消息雅思口语话题新题:Describe a time that you had a free gift

Describe a time that you had a free gift

You should say:

what it was;

when and where you got it;

why you got it;

and explain how you felt about it.


It’s such a surprise to everybody, I guess, to receive something free. This March, in order to celebrate the big success of dancing festival in my university, the college’s dancing club sent us, all the members, tickets of the movie, Beauty and the Beast, you know, an adaptation of the household fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman. Actually, I do really feel surprised because I love Disney’s Beauty & The Beast; in fact, it’s probably my favorite American animated film and i$ easily Disney’s finest work. It’s breathtaking; it’s warm; it’s hilarious; it's captivating; and, in Disney fashion, it’s magical. When I learned that Disney would be remaking their classic films, B&TB was undeniably the best wrapped package. How could they go wrong? Oh man, they went wrong. First thing’s first, this film is so flat The directing was dull and uninteresting throughout the entire fllm which contrasts heavily with the original animated film that was constantly popping with vibrancy^ The script too is boring because itfs almost a complete remake of the original, though I guess most people won't mind that In addition, the CGI is horrid. The CGI on the Beast's face is so distracting that it completely takes you out of the fllm^ Overall, this film is a complete bore^ And Ifm sorry to say it, but this film represents a huge missed opportunity for Disney. After all, it’s free,which might be the most comforting stuff.


Why do some companies want to give the free gift to people?

What kinds of free gifts they give?

Why do people feel happy when they receive free gifts?

Do you think our government should provide free gifts for our citizens?

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雅思口语考试应季话题讨论卡:Describe a time that you had a free gift 免費礼品


该题型只能1个信息点:free gift免費礼品.由于题型刻意注重了是免費,因此这一物品应当原本是要要钱的.与此同时,像生日礼品,周年纪念礼品,情人节礼物,或是谢谢礼品等原本就不必自身出钱的物件就不可以讲过.生活起居中,人们触碰到的免費礼品也许多,只有绝大部分全是的校园广告个人行为附送的.最普遍的有,办理信用卡送家用电器,冲话费送单车,扫描二维码多关注送毛绒娃娃,大型商场里超过必须额度送物品等.人们随意挑1个说就行.


极速彩票APPYou should say:

When did you have this gift 何时获得的礼品

Where did you have it 从哪获得的

极速彩票APPWhat was the gift 礼品是啥

And explain how did you feel about it 你觉得怎样


The free gift I am going to tell you is a portable bicycle which I got at my junior year in University. That was the right beginning of the term. To attract student customers and compete with its rival, the communication operator company, China Unicom, set up an advertisement campaign. It would give you various gifts including key rings, flash disks, and fluffy toys and so on, according to the amount of money you top-up at the site. This article is from Laokaoya website. Do not copy or repost it. If you top-up 500 yuan at a time, you would get a bicycle, whose size was only the half of what we usually saw on the street. The height of seat and handlebar were adjustable and the whole body was painted light green with the logo of China Unicom on it.


Then I happened to need a bike to reduce my commuting time. My campus was huge and it took me 20 minutes from dormitory to classroom. It is common in western university as students live outside of the campus, but in China, where we have dormitory right in the campus, that was a long time.


极速彩票APPSo I charged 500 yuan and got this bike。 To be honest, it was not very nice, as you can imagine with the color and logo。 But it did make my life much more convenient。 What was more important was that it was free。 So generally speaking, I was quite satisfied。

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发表于 2019-08-22
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