Internet and books, which can provide helpful learning materials?


Do you think books will disappear in the future?


If it is just about gaining information, why is it necessary for books to exist?


提到专业知识,那毫无疑问会规定你Describe someone who is knowledgeable (查看更多)

Nowadays many people rely on internet very much, what do you think?


How could people find reliable information on internet?


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10月高频率话题讨论Describe someone who is knwledgeable.学识渊博的人.

极速彩票APPYou should say:

Who the person is

What field the person is expert at

What interesting thing has happed to this person


Well, I’m going to talk about one of my grandfather’s friends, Mr。 Zhao。 He’s in his mid-70s already, but he doesn’t seem that old at all。 He is still quite energetic every single day。

I got to know Mr. Zhao when I was a child. I was about 5 or 6 years old then, if I remember correctly. At that time, he often came over to my apartment and hung out with my granddad. They would then go fishing together, or go to the park to play chess. They were really inseparable.

Anyway, in terms of what Mr. Zhao is like ...well, I think the best word to describe him would be multi-talented. He’s good at so many things, like fishing and chess, as I said just now. Plus, he can also play various kinds of musical instruments, such as the violin, the piano and the guitar. Oh, I shouldn’t forget to mention that he’s pretty knowledgeable too. He’s really a walking encyclopedia.

Well, I really admire him mainly because he’s so versatile。 I haven’t seem many other people whodo well in so many areas。 Also, as I mentioned earlier, he’s pretty well-read。 You know, I like reading too and I want to be someone who reads as much as he does。 So yeah, I really look up to him。

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雅思口语考试应季话题讨论卡:Describe someone who is knowledgeable 叙述学识渊博的别人


这一题型的信息点只能1个,即knowledgeable 学识渊博的.那麼怎么才能在人们的叙述中反映自己的学识渊博呢?大致而言有二种方法:首位,他了解自身行业之外的物品.例如1个数学系的大学老师一起了解许多历史知识,或是1个技术工程师一起掌握很多风景名胜创作背景;其次,他在很多行业都作出了奉献.例如自己即是作曲家,也是作家,也是生物学家,也是技术工程师,那麼他絕對是个学识渊博的人.第一类方法更合适于叙述人们身旁的爸爸妈妈,盆友,亲朋好友等;第二类方法则更合适叙述在历史上的杰出角色.二者没什么好坏之分,要是大伙儿可以自身想说的內容说清晰,言之成理就能.


You should say:

Who this person is 这一人到底是谁

How you know this person 你怎样了解的他

What kinds of things he knows 他了解什么事儿

And explain how you think of this person 你如何看待这一人


The knowledgeable man I am going to tell you is Leonardo Da Vinci, an Italian living from the end of 15th century to the beginning of the 16th century, one of the three most outstanding artists in Renaissance, author of the eternal paintings, Mona Lisa and The Last Supper , and probably the greatest artist throughout human history.


极速彩票APPI have known him since I was a little child at the secondary school. The Chinese textbook has a long article on his artistic achievements and his status in history. But at that time I thought he was nothing more than a great artist. This article is from Laokaoya website. Then I came across his biography at the college library and began to realize what a knowledgeable person he was.


His fields of interests involved sculpture, music, maths, engineering, astronomy and history and had made his own contribution to all these areas. He was called the father of architecture and ichnology. Some people even claimed he had come up with the concepts and designs of parachute, helicopter and tank, which did not become reality until the 20th century. Can you believe that.?

或许:假如提到了课程Subjects有关的內容,别忘记了应季话题讨论卡Describe a subject of science (查看更多)的具体内容,也算作一举两得.


He seems to be a genius from another universe, leaving us normal folks far behind。 I admire his gift and I’m astonished at what he had achieved with it。 My knowledge is as trivial as ashes compared to his。

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发表于 2019-08-22
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